Firm Disclosure and Information

Buckman, Buckman & Reid, Inc. ("BB&R") regularly makes information available related to SEC Rules 605 and 606 related to quality of execution ("Best Execution") and order routing practices, respectively. As of January 1st 2018, all of the firm's orders are routed through SS&C MarketTrader, or our clearing agent handling customer accounts, RBC Clearing & Custody, Inc. ("RBC").

Reports for the firm's business through SS&C, and RBC can be found below:


SS&C:  coming soon

606 reports for routed Option Trades:  


Interactive Brokers

Held NMS Stocks and Options Order Routing Public Report 

01-JAN-2021 – 31-MAR-2021  

01-OCT-2020 – 31-DEC-2020  

01-APR-2020 – 31-JUN-2020  

01-JAN-2020 – 31-MAR-2020  

01-OCT-2019 – 31-DEC-2019  

01-JUL-2019 – 30-SEP-2019  

01-APR-2019 – 30-JUN-2019  

01-JAN-2019 – 31-MAR-2019  

01-OCT-2018 – 31-DEC-2018  

01-JUL-2018 – 30-SEP-2018  

01-APR-2018 – 30-JUN-2018  

01-JAN-2018 – 31-MAR-2018  

01-OCT-2017 - 31-DEC-2017

01-JUL-2017 - 30-SEP-2017

01-APR-2017 - 30-JUN-2017

01-JAN-2017 - 31-MAR-2017

BB&R conducts over 95% of its business on or through RBC's proprietary or related systems.

Routing/Payment for Order Flow: Buckman, Buckman & Reid, Inc. receives remuneration for directing orders in options and equity securities to particular brokers/dealers or market centers for execution.  Such remuneration is considered compensation to the firm, and the source and amount of any compensation received by the firm in connection with your transaction will be disclosed upon request.  In all cases, orders are subject to price improvement from the national best bid or offer and never are executed at less than the best bid or offer.

Reports for orders Prior to January 1, 2018 and routed through the FIS platform may be found at:  

Questions regarding any of the firm's Best Execution or Order Routing data may be addressed by contacting the firm's Chief Compliance Officer, below:
Richard Panno
Chief Compliance Officer
Buckman, Buckman & Reid
1001 Yamato Road, Suite 311, Boca Raton, Florida 33431
Direct Dial: (561) 314-2013
HQ: (732) 530-0303,