Money Management Accounts
Traditional Transaction

pictureThose who have been investing in stocks and bonds for many years are very familiar with the term "commission." Since the beginning of the brokerage business, the primary way in which stockbrokers have been paid is through a commission added to each transaction, whether a buy or sell. Although annual fee based accounts and mutual funds are gaining popularity, the majority of the clients of BBR maintain accounts in which a fee is paid only at the time of a transaction.

For most investors in the stock and bond markets, this traditional transaction based fee structure is the least expensive way for a client to maintain a strong relationship with a professional portfolio manager. In addition, this relationship allows for considerable client input into the decision making process if the client so desires.

Discretionary Money Management

Buckman, Buckman, Reid, Inc. understands that some investors want a financial consultant to manage their account without contacting them about every transaction. For this type of investor, BBR makes available several types of accounts whereby an investment professional makes the investment decisions based on the goals and the financial situation of the client.

A client may sign a limited Power of Attorney giving the trading authority to the investment professional. This investment professional may be compensated through a commission on transactions or through a fee-based account where an annual fee is charged based on the total assets under management. Our investment professionals can assist you in determining which product may be appropriate for your needs.

In addition, BB&R, through its relationship with RBC Correspondent Services, LLC, has a program whereby the client may have his or her assets managed by a professional money manager chosen from a nationwide list. This manager will be chosen based on the financial goals and needs of the investor.

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