Wealth Management

pictureWealth management is the coordination of retail banking, investment portfolios, financial planning, and estate planning, in conjunction with, legal recourses and tax professionals all working together to help individuals, high net worth families and small business reach their goals.

There are many obstacles along the way including, taxes, high cost of education, rising interest rates and inflation to name a few, getting advice from experienced professionals in advance of events happening will give you and your family the best chance to capture and keep more of your savings.
BB&R advisors work closely with you to create and execute an investment strategy that takes into account every component of your financial picture can be challenging especially when you have accumulated substantial assets.

We will co-ordinate with your current tax professionals and attorneys or can recommend local professionals in these fields to help ensure your nest egg is secure and passed down efficiently to your legacy. Developing strategies that may involve estate planning, family trusts charitable remainder trust or even foundations.

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